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People’s Postcode Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.
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After 18 months of closure due to the corona virus pandemic, we realised that although our weekly checks of our clubhouse hadn’t revealed any problems, it was obvious that a vacuum and dust would not do and also, in line with official recommendation, we needed to do a deep clean which we couldn’t tackle ourselves.

To help with the cost of cleaning the club and installing anti-virus measures, the Club applied for a grant from the People’s Postcode Trust and were delighted to be awarded funding of £1657 which meant a safe and clean environment for members to meet.

This was a major benefit to the Club receiving this support from the People’s Postcode Lottery and People’s Postcode Trust. Because of this award, we were able to do as much as we could to help avoid corona virus problems within the building. Members were happy to return to a newly refreshed environment and slightly altered regime knowing that measures, supported by the People’s Postcode Trust, was the best antivirus mitigation we could employ.
The funding also meant that we would be able to plan to re-establish our education and demonstration programme early in 2022.