This experimental art group was formed a couple of years ago to give our more experienced painters an opportunity to try out and share different ideas with one-another. It’s not a class, everyone’s ideas are welcomed and volunteers from the group lead each session.
We have painted with knives, sponges, and big brushes. We have worked in the woods and at the shore as well as in the clubhouse. We have experimented with materials, colour, texture, tone and line, and done some printing and collage......the list goes on. We also look at the work of an artist of the leader's choice, to try to extend our knowledge of what is possible. So far we have not run short of volunteers or ideas.
Not everyone leads as some people are too shy! and no-one judges anyone, so it is always relaxed and fun.

Wed Art Group Programme 2022/2023
JANUARY 2023 - "Painting in the style of Gordon Hopkins" led by Joan Patterson
Artist Gordon Hopkins works on brightly coloured backgrounds using primary colour/colours. He then layers his shapes and colours on top.
This was all about having fun with simplified shapes, bright colours and jazzy patterns.....and didn't they do well!

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Bright, Bold and Fun
Bright, Bold and FunBright, Bold and Fun