This experimental art group was formed a couple of years ago to give our more experienced painters an opportunity to try out and share different ideas with one-another. It’s not a class, everyone’s ideas are welcomed and volunteers from the group lead each session.
We have painted with knives, sponges, and big brushes. We have worked in the woods and at the shore as well as in the clubhouse. We have experimented with materials, colour, texture, tone and line, and done some printing and collage......the list goes on. We also look at the work of an artist of the leader's choice, to try to extend our knowledge of what is possible. So far we have not run short of volunteers or ideas.
Not everyone leads as some people are too shy! and no-one judges anyone, so it is always relaxed and fun.

Experimental Art Group Programme 2023/2024
MARCH 2024 - .....this month's session was led by Helen Rowbotham - "One way to gain a focal point".
To have some of the image out of focus helps to provide a focus for the viewer or just to emphasise what appealed to the artist about the view.
Many artists have painted like this see Turner, Frances Bacon, Edvard Munch, Gerhart Richter.
They don't show the original image that the artist used as inspiration, but I bet it was more complicated than the painting produced.
Using an overlay helped us choose a favourite focal point.
This can be a good way to check what is important to an image, help edit out the unnecessary.
It can also provide a way of assessing the composition.

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Find a Focal Point
Find a Focal PointFind a Focal Point