Great news our next session will take place in the clubhouse on Wednesday 23rd February 2022.
Look out for update emails.

The Wednesday Group was formed a couple of years ago to give our more experienced painters an opportunity to experiment and share ideas with one-another. It’s not a class, everyone’s ideas are welcomed and volunteers from the group lead each session.
We have painted with knives, sponges, and big brushes. We have worked in the woods and at the shore as well as in the clubhouse. We have experimented with materials, colour, texture, tone and line, and done some printing and collage......the list goes on. We also look at the work of an artist of the leader's choice, to try to extend our knowledge of what is possible. So far we have not run short of volunteers or ideas.
Not everyone leads as some people are too shy! and no-one judges anyone, so it is always relaxed and fun.

To see what we got up to in Lockdown please click here LOCKDOWN - WEDNESDAY ART GROUP
Ingrid’s lazy no Brush Cleaning, Quick PaintingTechnique - NOVEMBER 2021
This month's session was led by Ingrid Mayes. Instead of focussing on our brushes we were invited to use all sorts of bits and pieces from sponges to bits of wood, old credit cards, straws etc.
The main aim was - to help us become free and uncontrolled!. A challenge for the more usually regimented of us....but as always we had great fun.
You can see what we got up to so far....more to follow on this clicking on WEDNESDAY ART GROUP GALLERY to find out more.
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"Ingrid's lazy no brush cleaning exercise" by Ingrid Mayes
"Ingrid's lazy no brush cleaning exercise" by Petrina Kerr“Crail by kayak!" by Liz Bibby