Wednesday Art Group

The Wednesday Group was formed a couple of years ago.
It’s aim was to give our more experience painters an opportunity to experiment and share ideas with one-another. It’s not a class, more a sort of co-operative where after pooling ideas of things we would like to try. Volunteers from the group lead the session.
We have painted with knives, sponges, and big brushes. We have worked in the woods and at the shore as well as in the clubhouse. We have experimented with materials, colour, texture, tone and line, and done some printing and collage......the list goes on. We also look at the work of an artist of the leader's choice, to try to extend our knowledge of what is possible. So far we have not run short of volunteers or ideas.
Not everyone leads as some people are too shy! and no-one judges anyone, so it is always relaxed and fun.

Our Group meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 12:45pm.
Programme from October 2018 - March 2019

24th October - Jan will lead us on an afternoon of drawing using oil pastels, oil paint and charcoal on thick brown paper.
We will be using models from the group and also photographs provided by Jan.
Be prepared to do some quick sketches and some a little more detailed.

28th November - Joan will lead us on making a painting using only the three Primary Colours.

12th December - Liz will lead with her idea of working with textured paste. Whilst the paste is drying we will have 'afternoon tea', we will then apply a watercolour wash. Trees, mountains and fields all look good so watch out for ideas.

23rd January - Helen R will lead us on working in ink to make random collage, drawing with sticks and washing with brushes and water. Lucy Jones, Edinburgh artist is our inspiration for this afternoon.

27th February - Margaret will lead us on Mono Printing . Check out Barbara Rae who inspired us.
27th March - Watch this space!