"This all started during the winter, when someone made a comment on my instagram page where I had posted several illustrations of things in my kitchen. The comment was "I see a lockdown cookbook with stunning illustrations”.

This got me thinking, so I mentioned to my fellow Thursday Art group painters and folk from the ‘Folk who paint’ art group the idea and received a good response. I then posted on my Facebook page and the recipes flew in. Yikes! There was no turning back at this point. I collated my illustrations and wrote out all the recipes by hand. My middle son works as a graphic artist and web designer with the Vet School and other campuses at the Bush Estate in Midlothian, I discussed it with him and he said it was all do-able and he was happy to help with layout and getting it ready for print.

I had already decided the profits would go to a charity and someone suggested ’The Trussell Trust’. Given the difficulties some people, mainly lower paid individuals were having due to lockdown and more and more people using food banks, I thought The Trussell Trust would be a good food related charity for the cookbook. I was a single parent with 3 hungry boys to feed, so I know how hard that can be, but I had the food fortune to be in full time employment.
The title of the book is Chocolate Squirrel cake and friends. Why? One of the contributors gave me a recipe for Chocolate Swirl Cake and her son when he was a toddler called it Chocolate Squirrel Cake. I thought this was very cute and different, and the' friends part' is because friends have generously given me their ecipes. Good honest recipes, nothing too fancy, there are even contributions from Australia, USA, Canada and Africa

The book is A4 landscape printed on recycled paper, has 53 recipes and some illustrations. I am suggesting a charge of £5 per copy.

ALL profits hopefully approx £3.75 per copy, once I have recouped the printing costs will go to the charity with a target of raising £3k. I already have orders for over 130. At the moment I will be delivering all local orders ( I live in Kelty, I already have some from Dalgety Bay, Inverkeithing and Torryburn ) to prevent incurring postal costs as that will complicate the whole process.

If folk outwith the area would like to order some, this can be discussed when folk contact me, and I will let them know what the postage is likely to be.

I also hope to have them at some retail/farm shops locally.

It has been an interesting process and has kept me occupied since December last year.

So, if anyone is interested please contact Moira directly

For interest here is a link to my post on facebook, this post about this is Public so anyone on facebook should be able to see it