The Monthly Lockdown pages are to show what individual members have been up to during Lockdown.
Anyone member who wishes to tell a story about their artwork is invited to take part.
It will be updated approx. on a monthly basis. If you wish to contribute please send your story and a photo of your work to:
It is all about considering the vagaries of taking a simple photograph or two. Several years ago (in the time of 36 exposure roll) film it was late December in the open air artists market in Montmartre, Paris. The place was a hive of bustling people, toing and froing, and I noticed a certain composition I liked the look of - but it would need the use of my heavy longer lens. It also meant that I was susceptible to blue, numb fingers and possible camera-shake. Karen was my assistant telling me "No, No, NO, Yes!" for when passing tourists would cross my path. After the best part of 25 minutes of lifting and lowering the camera with fingers poised, a snap (not the best!) was taken and has since been tampered with to make it look like a piece of street wall art, to remind me. (ALL bilingual expletives deleted!)

Many years later, on the other side of the world I was on a coastal headland lining up a shot of where a sandbar stops a river meeting and flowing into the ocean. One eye to the viewfinder but out of the corner of the other eye something caught my attention. Time only to follow and click, hopefully, at the blur and no time to adjust the camera. Amazingly two years later a very good friend was in the exact same spot lining up the exact same photo - but did not get the birdie.

Luck and judgement are so fickle!

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