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Don Makin and Bob Ross
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I had heard of Bob Ross and had never really looked at his work, never watched his videos and never read any of his books. However I decided to watch his programme on BBC4 and see how it goes.

Well, I was ASTOUNDED at watching him paint a whole landscape in just half an hour. The more I watched the programmes the more enthusiastic I have became. The fact that he only uses a 4 inch brush, a fan brush, a rigger, some masking tape and a pallet knife is incredible!! I have watched 4 lessons so far and found them to be so relaxing.
Of course you know what’s coming next…..”I’m going to have a bash at this”.

I had one problem to overcome though, he used oils and I use a acrylic and there is no acrylic alternative to liquid white. So I went onto an art forum and a guy said that it was not the fact the Bob used liquid white but that it was a wet on wet technique and provided that the base white acrylic remained wet long enough to do your sky etc, that’s all you need to achieve. So with this advice I marched off to my garage, ( the coolest place I could find to slow the drying of the paint).

I armed myself with a new 3” decorating brush, a bucket of water (instead of a jar) drying cloths and all the other bits and bobs that Bob used. I mixed the white acrylic with a drop of water to make it double cream consistency. And went to work and hey presto!!! In just under an hour I had done the complete sky, sea and foreground as you can see from the photo. I was astonished at what I achieved in such a short time. I would advise anybody to have a go, it’s a thrilling experience!!

So THANK YOU for letting me know about this programme and THANK YOU to the late and legendary Bob Ross.
PS The object of my painting has still to painted. So if anyone can guess what the object is and exactly what type of object it is, then I will fund the winner with one coffee or tea, and….accompanying choccy biscuit when the club house reopens. And by the way that’s a very generous prize considering I am a westoh????