The Monthly Lockdown pages are to show what individual members have been up to during Lockdown.
Anyone member who wishes to tell a story about their artwork is invited to take part.
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Under the Shadow - by Margaret Cummins

Day 4
MY ART STORY by Margaret Cummins -
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"On the 12th March my partner Nigel and I set out on our Spring holiday...18 nights in the Algarve. We were excited and organised. We had downloaded and purchased all the information on the area, hired a car for two weeks, and booked our favourite place to stay(ever!!) we had plans to visit many nature reserves on the coast and in the mountains. Nigel had plans to go bird watching and I had plans to draw and even paint on location and I had a brand new A3 moleskin sketchbook which cost me the earth!
1st day - I rushed down, with pristine book in hand. The weather was fine, with a bit of a wind and I tried out my new Elegant Writer pens. Happy with my sketch of the three trees. I felt like a pig in mud!
b]2nd day - Carrying a seat, paints, water, water pot, palette, pencils, large sketchbook and brushes,...I must have looked like a bag lady! we visited a brilliant wild area, not far, but wonderfully wild. We stood and watched weaver birds building their nests..they make them from green reeds and attach them to the new strong reeds. The males build the nests and then wait for the females to come and take residence! They are such a brilliant yellow...I made a little sketch using my water soluble pencils, but it is dull by comparison.
We saw a glossy Ibis, and a purple Swamp Hen, but I was too busy trying out painting in acrylics sitting outside the hide....the second page of my book! I was captivated by the colours and the shadows!
3rd day - We walked round the bay and had lunch by the beach..I grabbed my camera and took a quick photo of four people sitting on a rock..I then did a quick sketch before the sandwich came.

4th day - We were home in Dalgety Bay by 10 PM after being given just three hours to pack and get to the airport.It was awful.
When I returned I made two paintings of that beautiful peaceful scene of the older people sitting looking out to sea - I did a colour sketch in gouache and then made a large oil painting from the sketch, a kind of therapy for our shock ending. It is called 'Under the Shadow'. Alas, there were two kinds of shadow over that holiday.